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Bass Camp 2016 Video Interview with Dmitry Lisenko

Last year’s Bass Camp took place from August 28th to September 2nd of 2016 at Warwick in Markneukirchen/Germany, followed by the ReeveLand Music Festival on September 3rd. During the Bass Camp in 2016, we had the opportunity to talk extensively with the Warwick artists. All interviews were conducted by Nick Wells from Great Britain and recorded by the Warwick video team at the Warwick Headquarters in Markneukirchen.

Dmitry Lisenko – Bass Camp 2016 Video Interview

Photo ©: Robert Vidziskis

Today’s guest is Dmitry Lisenko from Riga in Latvia. Dmitry plays primarily Warwick Alien acoustic basses however, also plays his electric Warwick Custom Shop Masterbuilt Streamer LX Yin Yang . His style is best described with “solo percussion style bass”. His percussive playing technique on the acoustic bass has brought Dmitry the nickname “The Andy McKee of bass guitar”. Lisenko’s sound is also original and remarkable; sometimes you might think you could hear drums or other percussion instruments besides the bass guitar.

He has credits with workshops and clinics, solo and duo performances, studio and live sessions with online lessons on Skype. Dmitry Lisenko is active with Karmafree, together with his wife Mara. In our video interview, Lisenko tells how, among other things, he started to play bass as a 16-year-old, and later developed his playing technique.

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