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Orange Amplification Launch The Pyramid Audio System

Orange Amplification continues to grow the consumer arm of its brand with the introduction of the Pyramid Audio System, a revolutionary compact hi-fi system delivering powerful sound and exceptional connectivity.

The Bluetooth 5.0 enabled Pyramid amplifier is designed with a special wave balanced “analogue sound spectrum”. It has been carefully formulated to sound pleasing to the ear with a warm clean sound shaped to limit “ear fatigue”, a problem encountered with many modern sound systems.

At the heart of this new audio lifestyle system is a sleek, pyramid-shaped, powerful amplifier capable of delivering 40W RMS per channel amplifier into 4 ohms. This newly designed amp is eco-friendly, cool-running and highly efficient. It has a beautifully made wooden cabinet with a white piano finish and a prism at the top which subtly glows indicating the mode of operation.

The Bluetooth pairing connectivity provides quick and universal connection to all music services. It has RCA and Aux 3.5mm inputs, for use with turntables and CD players. The Pyramid amp is also perfect to pair with a TV for a great sounding alternative to a soundbar. Volume is controlled by a distinctive knob on the front of the Pyramid amp with discrete treble and bass controls at the rear of the unit; allowing users to personalise their sound. There is also a left- right channel balancing dial and a Bluetooth reset button.

The two paired speakers have been engineered to deliver a clean warm sound. The 1” soft silk dome tweeters provide a perfect balance at the top end, whilst refined reflex ports and improved speaker cone excursion give a smooth pleasing transitional bass response at the bottom end with special care given to the mid spread.

The Orange Pyramid system has been outwardly designed as a work of art that will suit any décor and has the company’s signature hieroglyphs around the base. To find out more please go to


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