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B.B. King Music Announces the Revival of Partnership with Gibson

The B.B. King Icon Life Legacy Initiative is committed to protecting the life achievements of one of America’s greatest songwriters. Today, September 16, on the 96th anniversary of B.B. King’s birth, it was announced.

On behalf of King Family Trust, B.B. King Music Company owns all rights to the B.B. King portrait and related trademarks and copyrights. It is pleased to announce the establishment of a partnership with the iconic American guitar brand Gibson and the launch of the new B.B. King Icon Life Legacy program.

Today, September 16th is the 96th anniversary of B.B. King’s birth; watch the following tribute video:

Aiming to preserve the iconic name of B.B. King and introduce his rich music to new audiences and generations around the world, a major component of the B.B. King Legacy project is to release a series of new music in multiple genres. These records are created by multiple contemporary artists and may include brand-new songs featuring lyrics, remixes, and new collaborative songs created by master B.B. King. Given the scale of the co-artists, there is really no limit to what the legacy of B.B. King will create!

Gibson Announces Noel Gallagher Gibson J-150 Acoustic Guitar

The B.B. King Legacy Initiative will include the following and more:

B.B. King – King of The Blues – The Movie.
New Music Releases in multiple genres; Traditional, EDM, Hip-Hop, Country.
B.B. King Experience Tour, 2022.
B.B. KING 24 Hour Blues TV Channel.
B.B. King Documentary Series, interviewing industry icons.
B.B. King, New Educational Initiatives.
Expansion of the B.B. King Museum in Indianola, Michigan.
Expanded the sales scope of B.B. King.



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