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Mooer Audio new effect pedals, Macro Power and cases

Micro effect pedals manufacturer Mooer Audio presents many interesting news: 3 effect pedals, a power station with the 8 „taps”, and two cases, precisely tailored to the Mooer Micro effect pedals (with compartment for volume or wah pedal):

Leveline Micro Volume Pedal:
The Mooer Leveline is an eye-catcher! Optically identical – accept for the color – with the Mooer The Wahter WahWah pedal. The analog Leveline volume pedal has different impedance – high or low, is equipped with a stylish metal housing with fold-down rings and status LED. Operation via optional 9V DC power supply. Dimensions: (L x B x H) 94 mm (128 mm unfolded) x 55 mm x 48 mm, weight 460 g.

The suggested retail price (MSRP) for the Mooer Leveline Micro volume pedal is including VAT. 117,52 €.

Product page of the manufacturer:

Ensemble Queen Bass Chorus:
Ensemble Queen is a new Mooer chorus pedal, for electric and acoustic bass guitars. The Ensemble Queen bass chorus pedal creates a warm, smooth and lively chorus effect. The important low-range, assertiveness and pressure of the bass guitar remains unaffected. The pedal is equipped with stable metal housing and true bypass. Controls: TONE (sound), LEVEL (volume), DEPTH (effect depth), RATE (chorus speed).

The suggested retail price (MSRP) for the Mooer Ensemble Queen Bass Chorus is including VAT. 94,00 €.

Product page of the manufacturer:

Baby Water Acoustic Guitar Delay & Chorus:
The Baby Water is a Chorus/Delay pedal specifically designed for acoustic guitar, and other acoustic instruments with pickup system, e.g. ukulele. Baby Water harmonizes perfectly with the Mooer Woodverb (reverb pedal for acoustic pedal) that the manufacturer has introduced a few months ago. Four different modes can be selected: CHORUS, TRI-CH (triple chorus), ECHO, CH-DL (chorus with delay), DL-CH (delay with chorus). Baby Water comes with a rugged metal housing and is equipped with true bypass. Controls: LEVEL (effect volume), RATE/TIME (chorus speed or delay time), DEPTH/FB (chorus depth or delay feedback).

The suggested retail price (MSRP) for the Mooer Baby Water Chorus/Delay is including VAT. 94,00 €.

Product page of the manufacturer:

Macro Power Supply:
The Macro Power is a high-quality power supply for effect pedals of different vendors. The Mooer Macro Power has eight power outputs and meets high standards.

Specifications Mooer Macro Power:
* Internationally applicable, switchable from 220V / 240V to 110V / 120V
* Eight outputs. Five of them are completely independent of each other and cannot mutually influence each other. Even if one of these circuits has a defect or short circuit the others continue to work
* The first output connector (200mA) can be switched from 9V to 12V, 15V or 18V DC
* There are three isolated outputs each with 9V DC and 200mA
* The last four outputs are connected in parallel, are isolated to the first four outputs, and perform each 9V DC (400mA total)
* Solid metal housing
* Eight status LEDs indicate precisely the operating condition
* Overload protection: Each independent output has a separate overload protection function. If the corresponding status LED lights, the output is not overloaded
* The suggested retail price (MSRP) for the Mooer Macro Power is including VAT. 117,53 €.

Product page of the manufacturer:

Flight Case Firefly M 4 and Firefly M 6 N (Cases for Micro Series and Wah Series):
Mooer has always strived to enhance the portability of their pedals and for this reason, Mooer has successfully developed the second generation of Flight Case Firefly M6 as well as its little brother Firefly M4. Based on the old Flight Case M6, Mooer made perfection more perfect that the manufacturer has redesigned the internal structure of the cabinet. With the specially designed guitar cable plug, the overall size has been reduced 30%, which makes it much easier to carry.

Mooer also has increased the capacity of the new Firefly M6, which now is able to accommodate the Mooer newly released wah pedal, The Wahter (or the Leveline volume pedal) as well as the Micro Series Pedals.

This solves the inconvenience when carrying large wah pedal. Using high quality patch cable and connector combination such as PC-Z and FC-2,FC-4, your tone will be improved and your pedal board will look more concise. The external material has been upgraded as well, from the original cobwebbing panel to now a more solid panel. The overall structure has been solidified considerably.

Firefly M4 is able to accommodate 4 Micro Series pedals or 3 Micro pedals & 1 Mini Series pedals, a 4 plug multi DC power cable is included.

The suggested retail price (MSRP) for the Mooer Flight Case Firefly M 4 is including VAT. 64,58 €.
Product page of the manufacturer:
Firefly M6 is able to accommodate 6 Micro Series pedals or 5 Micro pedals & 1 Mini Series pedals, a 6 plug multi DC power cable is included.

The suggested retail price (MSRP) for the Mooer Flight Case Firefly M 6 N is including VAT. 66,94 €.

Product page of the manufacturer:

All these Mooer news are available from February 2016.



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