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Endorser video with Devin Townsend & his Framus “The Stormbender”

Devin Townsend („The Devin Townsend Project” / „Casualties Of Cool”), and his rhythm guitarist and also Framus endorser Dave Young honored Framus & Warwick with a trip to the Saxonian company headquarter in Markneukirchen, during their European tour 2017 to work together with Marcus Spangler (R&D) on Devin’s Masterbuilt Signature Custom Shop guitar, called „The Stormbender”.

For five years now, the final version of the Stormbender has been developed in the design aspects of Devin’s studio and tour experiences, and his Framus Signature guitar has been adapted to meet the needs of the „perfect instrument”.

The Stormbender will therefore not only match the usual highest quality standards of Framus, but also be adapted to the everyday use of a professional musician. In the beginning of 2017 a Framus guitar called The Blank was created which Devin mainly uses in his side project „Casualties Of Cool”.

In the video, which was recorded directly after final tests, the new hand-made Stormbender prototype is in the sound booth of the Framus & Warwick showrooms where Devin illustrates all the achievements of the current prototype in direct comparison to the previous version.

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