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Girl Power at Warwick HQ

This was a first and one of a kind visit of female bass players to the German instrument manufacturing company. Warwick’s founder and owner Hans-Peter Wilfer invited a group of 15 bass goddesses from Netherlands to the Company’s headquarters in Markneukirchen, Germany.

It all started with an article about female bass lovers by the title of “Dutch Bass Divas” published in a Dutch magazine “De Bassist”. Because the bass player profession is known to be dominated by men, Warwick’s team instantly discovered that such a strong group of bass playing ladies is truly something special and worth appreciating. Together with the magazine’s editors-in-chief, they invited a group of 15 girls to take a trip to Markneukirchen and visit the Warwick factory!

The ladies arrived after a nine-hour drive on Thursday, May 2, and joined a community dinner with Warwick employees at Hotel Alpenhof. Friday was the day to take a tour of Warwick and Framus modern production facility and the Framus musical instruments museum located also in Markneukirchen. Apart from that, all visitors had the opportunity to test drive any bass equipment they chose from numerous models of bass guitars and amplifiers available at the Warwick HQ. After spending another evening and night at Hotel Alpenhof, the group left Markneukirchen to return to Netherlands on Saturday, May 4, carrying a load of bass stories and musical memories with them.

Warwick’s staff was very pleased to host all 15 ladies and promised to keep o supporting the “girl power” movement in the field of bass playing, hoping this was not the last of this kind of events.

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