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Sound like Jeff Beck!

In May, Guitarist’s permanent “Test Drive” column features the rig rundown of Jeff Beck – a musician that inspires even the youngest guitar players.

Few guitar players are quoted by other musicians as often as Jeff Beck. He remains a constant inspiration to each and every next generation of guitar players, even the youngest ones. This is a phenomenon that speaks for itself. What is the secret of Jeff Beck then? Is it the tone of his guitar? The May issue of TopGuitar features not only a rundown of Beck’s guitar rig along with three sets of available equipment to get close to his sound, but also a few interesting technical details and stories of musical inventions connected with this great musician.

Read about Jeff Beck’s equipment, Seymour Duncan JB pickups, Tele-Gib and other curiosities in an article by Grzegorz Ufnal, featured in the May edition of TopGuitar magazine (TG 5/2013).

Jeff Beck


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