New Video

Walter Schreifels Covers “Coma Girl”

Following the launch of the Joe Strummer Campfire Acoustic – a piece that pays tribute to the legendary music-filled campfires that Strummer held at Glastonbury Festival in England over the years – Fender has released a brand-new video with Walter Schreifels, the American musician and producer who has been a part of the bands Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, and Quicksand.

In this new mini-series celebrating the launch of our Joe Strummer Campfire Acoustic, Fender has  teamed up with three artists to each perform a track off of Joe Strummer’s ASSEMBLY solo collection. Each performance includes an interview with each artist discussing Joe’s legacy and influence on their own career.

As the songwriter/guitarist of pioneering New York hardcore bands Quicksand, Youth of Today and Gorilla Biscuits, Walter Schreifels influenced a legion of punk musicians, but it was Joe Strummer of The Clash that inspired him at a young age. Watch Schreifels perform “Coma Girl” on the new Joe Strummer Campfire Acoustic.



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