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Gibson Revitalizes Sound with 1959 Humbucker Collector’s Edition Series

Gibson, the iconic American musical instrument brand, is renowned for shaping the sound across generations and various music genres, becoming one of the most significant, played, and beloved guitar brands worldwide. As a pioneer in electric guitar and guitar pickup design, Gibson has been influencing the sound of musicians and music enthusiasts for nearly 95 years. Although not widely known to the public before, since 1935, Gibson has been the source of the world’s finest pickups, with Gibson guitars equipped with these standard-setting pickups produced in their own factories. The Gibson Pickup Shop proudly introduces the new 1959 Humbucker Collector’s Edition Series 1, available exclusively at Gibson’s original „Patent Applied For” humbuckers from the 1950s are revered as the holy grail of humbucking tone, inspiring many imitations. All Gibson pickups are known for their superior construction, made at the Gibson Pickup Shop in Nashville, TN, using premium materials and time-tested methods.

The legendary „Patent Applied For” humbucking pickups, launched by Gibson in 1957, are considered the pinnacle in the world of electric guitar tone. Utilizing advanced 3D scanning technology, thorough scientific analysis, and detailed reverse-engineering of authentic late 1950s models along with original specifications from the Gibson archives, the Gibson Pickup Shop has created the most accurate replicas of these renowned pickups to date.

The Gibson Pickup Shop 1959 Humbucker Collector’s Edition Series 1 is the most precise reproduction of the „Patent Applied For” humbuckers ever made. Encased in a high-quality Lifton™ presentation case, this set features double Vintage White butyrate bobbins, Alnico 4 roughcast magnets, and vintage-accurate True Historic nickel covers. These exceptional pickups are limited to only 1,000 sets, each individually serialized with 1959-style numbering.

Experience the legendary humbucking tone with the 1959 Humbucker Collector’s Edition Series 1, exclusively available at from the Gibson Pickup Shop: [HERE].

Discover your sound with the full Gibson Pickup Shop Collection, [HERE].

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