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Steve Morse in TopGuitar magazine

We had to wait eight years for Deep Purple’s new studio album, but listening to “Now What?!” we are sure that it was worth it!

Bands like this don’t have to bother what they do, because they already have their place in the pantheon of rock granted. For “Now What?!” kudos among other band members go to Steve Morse and his guitar playing as well as to Bob Ezrin who pushed the band into new direction by refreshing its sound. How did it happen? – Employing Bob helped each and every one of us because we knew that there is someone experienced with us to help us make decisions. We could just throw out ideas and talk about how we could use them. – said Steve Morse to Piotr Nowicki, TopGuitar journalist. Find out more about Deep Purple’s demanding producer and the band’s way to musical resurrection by reading the whole interview in June edition of TopGuitar. Additionally, there’s an excerpt from the book “Smoke On The Water: The Deep Purple Story” by Dave Thompson published as part of the cover story.

Find the whole story in the June edition of TopGuitar magazine (6/2013).



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