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A classic Radial story…about the Radial Classic

Radial heard many stories over the years about gear surviving some extreme abuse. Accidental drops, bumps and even the odd DI box being run over by a tour vehicle – all stories that have made it back to the head office. There are also the stories about how our gear works hard tour after tour and never lets the user down. It is true that Radial products are built to take the heat of all that can happen on the road. You know what they say, „If you can’t take the heat…”

radial classic

But even we were amazed when we got word from Vancouver musician Scott Naylor, that his trusted Tonebone Classic wouldn’t say die despite the extreme circumstances he described.

Naylor had owned his Classic for about a year when it started making the rounds in his recreational cover band The Mortimers. „I spent some time running both my guitars and bass through it, but one of our guitar players had heard a lot about your products and wanted to try it out. He was so impressed by that demo, it caused him to purchase a new Radial Trimode.”

The Classic then moved on to the Mortimers other guitar player Greg Wall. This is where it looked likely that the Classic’s 'mini-tour’ might come to an end. „A couple days later Greg phoned me with the horrible news that his house had gone up in flames, along with his classic guitars, keyboards, amplifiers and my pedal. Obviously my biggest concern was for him, but there was this little niggle that said 'hey, my pedal was in there too’. Small potatoes considering everything else that was lost or stolen in the aftermath.”

Sadly, Wall had lost almost all of his gear to fire and water damage. Naylor explains: „A couple weeks back Greg shows up at my house with the pedal. He was able to walk through his house after and salvage some things, albeit smoke and water damaged. He was unable to test it (he lost his 1970’s Marshall stack, a 1971 Strat, a Gibson Flying V and an SG in the fire). We wiped down the Classic and plugged it in. Cool, the power light comes on. Cords in, amp on… like a charm, it still sounds awesome.”

While we wouldn’t recommend a repeat test of this type on any Radial gear, Naylor’s story certainly did reinforce the build reputation of the products. Naylor notes: „I doubt any of your other customers subject your products to the rigorous testing we do, but thought you might appreciate the fact we can’t break it either.”

We appreciate that Scott Naylor shared this story with us and send our best wishes to his friend Greg Wall.

For more information on the Tonebone Classic click here.


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