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LickLibrary Releases Jam With Stuart Bull

LickLibrary co-founder, singer, songwriter and session guitarist, Stuart Bull has just recorded the Jam with Stuart Bull DVD (RRP £19.99). Whereas other DVDs teach how to play along to the music of favorite artists, this DVD is the closest you can get to jamming with another person it actually teaches you how to Jam.

This guitar lesson DVD contains three top quality backing tracks; a fast tempo, rock track in D minor, a medium tempo blues track in F minor and a slow ballad track in E major. For each track Stuart performs three solos; one for beginners, one for intermediate guitar player and one for more advanced students.

All of the solos are fully transcribed and are available in pdf. form along with the tutorial.

Guitar students can approach this tutorial in one of two ways, either jamming with the tracks, flying solo, experimenting with different concepts and licks or alternatively they can trade solos with Stuart drawing inspiration from the ideas and techniques that Stuart uses. For each track, Stuart plays the solo and then the student can join in following the on screen graphics with chords and scales. The aim is for guitar players of any level to learn and understand how to take licks and riffs and put what they have learnt into a musical situation. Designed to be a musical experience this guitar video teaches many techniques such as phrasing and bending, but the overriding skill to be learnt is how to jam in an exciting interaction with Stuart Bull.

Stuart has taught tens of thousands of guitarists to play, so whether you want to learn shredding, soulful ballads or blues, you will find this guitar lesson both fun and inspiring. To find out more go to where you will also find other Stuart Bull guitar lessons. You can also check out his new Christmas single:

LickLibrary Jam With Stuart Bull


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