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Warwick now distributes Nordstrand pickups

pickupslogoN_LogoThe amazing work of Carey Nordstrand has been famous among both guitar and bass players for quite some time now. Carey has worked for big-name builders such as Suhr Guitars and Azola Basses, and made a name for himself as a pickup builder very early in his career. Furthermore, Carey is not only famous for his pickups made for his very own bass models, but also for his pickup designs for other instrument builders. In 2004, Carey Nordstrand started making his one-of-a-kind pickups in Redlands/California.

Carey Nordstrand offers pickups for both electric guitar and electric bass. Both Nordstrand guitar and bass pickups come in the following lines: “Traditional”, “Modern” and “Signature”. Nordstrand pickups for electric guitar come both in humbucker models as well as P90, ASAT, T-Stype and S-Style single coil styles. In addition to the 3B preamp, Nordstrand also offers a wide selection of pickup models for P, J and MM-style basses with four, five and six strings.

As of 1st August 2013, Warwick Distribution will be distributing the entire selection of Nordstrand Pickups in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slowakia, and Poland. For more information, please go to

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