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VIntage Reissued Series V6MFR reviewed in TopGuitar

TopGuitar is proud to inform, that the June issue of the magazine features a review of the Reissued Series V6MFR electric guitar from Vintage. Below are some excerpts from a review by gear department editor Grzegorz Ufnal:

“The electric sound of this Vintage V6 comes from three single coil Wilkinson WVS pickpus. As stated by the manufacturer, they are an accurate replica of pickups used in the sixties. They utilize Alnico V magnets. (…) And the sound itself? It is just as it should be – bright, but with a good balance of middle frequency range, very versatile, as you would expect from a Strat type of guitar.”

“The neck profile is not too fat and it leans toward more modern shapes. It’s comfortable and allows for unconstrained playing.”

“Considered the price of this instrument, you can easily say it is a serious competition for many original and more expensive products. Many users emphasize that Vintage guitars are even too cheap! All you need to do is just take advantage of this fact and hope that the prices remain unchanged.”

Vintage Reissued Series V6MFR


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