TopBass features Andy Irvine

Famous Warwick endorsing artist Andy Irvine talks about his music – you will find the interview in September issue of TopGuitar magazine, in a special TopBass section.

Andy is one of the most open, cheerful and sympathetic guys that we had the opportunity to meet. He is currently associated with Warwick basses, because since his acquaintance with the company’s president Hans-Peter Wilfer, he lead hundreds of bass clinics and workshops connected with the brand and recorded many instrument presentations for Warwick and Framus. Of course he is also a musician, successfully recording and touring with his bands. And from our interview you will learn much more about him!

“According to my knowledge” said Andy “Artist Relations and Endorsement programs created by Warwick are the best offers of this kind in the music business. It’s proven by an amazing group of great bassists, these historical legends as well as aspiring musicians that play on Warwick instruments. (…) The Warwick family is literally a family. We’re close to each other in a very trusted way. The Warwick family is also a family business because of Hans-Peter Wilfer and his wife Florence, who are like parents to a few of the endorsers, and the musicians themselves are like brothers and sisters.”

How does Andy see the world of Warwick? Find out from the interview published in September edition of TopBass – a special 100% bass part of TopGuitar magazine.

Andy Irvine


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