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September issue of TopGuitar magazine out now

The latest edition of monthly issued TopGuitar magazine is available. The main feature this month is Joe Satriani – a guitar virtuoso and the teacher of fretboard masters, as people like to call him. Inside the magazine, Joe reveals the secrets of his latest “Unstoppable Momentum” album.

What ultimately influenced Joe’s sound on the newest record? “I wanted to be sure that the things I created are cool to listen to in the first place, and only then cool to play” said Satch. “It may sound funny, but that’s what I wanted to do – to reach a larger number of people who may have never even touched a guitar or don’t value it as an instrument.” And how do guitar players rate this material? Check out yourself with the album’s review in September issue of TopGuitar magazine.

And what’s going on in the bass yard? We’re talking to a representative of the young generation of bass players – Henrik Linder, eccentric looking and surprisingly fresh sounding musician who conquered the musical market and YouTube universe with his band Dirty Loops.

September edition of TopGuitar magazine features also interviews with great musician and Warwick’s representative Andy Irvine, Paul Gilbert caught at Ibanez Guitar Festival in Germany, guitarist and composer Tomek Banas, Bartbass from rising Polish fame Kreuzberg and Krzysztof Jaworski, leader of Harlem.

In September, we gave three “Top Gear” awards to:
– Eden WTX 500 head with D115 XLT cabinet bass rig
– Warwick P-Nut Artist Series bass guitar
– Blackstar HT Metal Pedal distortion effect

Check out the equipment yourself and rate it at website!

September issue of TopGuitar magazine available now.



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