Tomasz Banas in TopGuitar: I’m not a shredder!

In September, TopGuitar magazine interviews a very nice guy who proves to be a great musician in a different way than many other guitar players.

Tomasz Banas is everything but a shredder type of guitarist, still he values crunch tones of this instrument and wrote a couple of big hits in his career for Polish performers like Ewa Bem or bands like Mafia and De Mono. He played with many artists and finds himself perfectly in a rock-pop environment, but his guitar heroes are mainly blues players.

He says about himself: “I happen to have attacks of thoughts about composing that come in series. It depends on the inspiration – when it strikes, I try to maximally take advantage of it, because I don’t know when it will hit me again. As the inspirational flow comes to an end, I sit down with my guitar to work on those ideas that I came up with.” Asked about creating a hit, he answers: “You must write a song according to what plays in your heart – if you’re lucky enough, the lyric guy will help you by writing something good, and in the end there comes a singer to screw it all up… or to help you even more with his or her interpretation of the song that will make the people listen to it with awe.” Remember about this when writing your own music!

Tomasz Banas



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