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Radial artists The Mastersons take Radial on the road with Steve Earle

Do a quick internet search of the Mastersons and what propagates fairly high in the results is a charming video of Chris Masterson and Eleanor Whitmore performing 'Tonight You Belong To Me’. Recorded during their honeymoon with Chris on ukulele Eleanor on piano, it’s a subtle example of what draws the pair together and what they are capable of as a team. This was not lost on Steve Earle who invited the Mastersons to tour with him on his last tour and then, once again on his current tour – Chris on guitar, Eleanor on fiddle.

Working as a band inside of a band works for them. According to Chris: „Touring with Steve is the best case scenario for a band like ours. Not only do we get to open the shows in front of large audiences every night, we get to play in a band with an artist that we really respect.”

As the opening act for the shows they are concurrently touring their debut album 'Birds Fly South’. In the fall when the tour completes, they will head right into creating their next album. „I don’t think there’s been a day without music for us. At our house, we’re up to our ears in guitars and recording gear, and when we’re not at home, we’re on the road together. It’s been an amazing journey thus far.”

It is evident that something is working behind the scenes that makes their performances something more than merely two musicians playing music together. According to Eleanor: „I admire Chris’ confidence and swagger. There’s never any doubt in his approach.” Chris contributes: „I think with the Mastersons, Eleanor and I each bring something different to the table. She brings a level of refinement and control to the whole thing that I love.”

The couple also share an appreciation for Radial products. They both use a PZ Pre in their set up. Eleanor explains: „Radial products are so well made and dependable. I love the versatility of the PZ Pre. I have a lot of control over my tone, can easily boost solos and having a second input for another instrument, it simplifies my setup as a multi-instrumentalist.” Chris likes the Radial build quality. „It’s always top notch! This is completely different from so many products on the market that feel disposable. We have a few DI’s around our studio and all of the audio on this tour passes through a Radial snake/splitter. I love my PZ Pre’s as well. They’re great sounding and super versatile.”



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