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Pigtronix releases Infinity Looper 2.0 firmware and Infinity Web Site

The immensely popular Infinity Looper pedal from Pigtronix is now more powerful than ever, boasting significant upgrades via the launch of its 2.0 firmware, as well as an interactive tutorial and support web site. Since its release in 2013, the Infinity has become the brand’s top selling pedal; but thanks to a series of firmware updates culminating in this ultimate 2.0 version, the range of the unit’s capabilities now extends far beyond its initial reach.

Among the features included in the Infinity 2.0 firmware:

* 50 presets (up to 100 loops maximum)
* Minimum Loop Time – 10ms shortest loop
* Alternate Remote Switch options – Stutter, Instant Erase, Vari-speed
* MIDI CC overhaul – Complete MIDI control of all functions and parameter selection
* Vari-speed – Change pitch of loops by any musical interval over a three octave range
* Reverse Playback – Each Loop can be individually toggled between forwards and reverse
* Advanced expression pedal mapping – Foot control of Vari-speed, loop aging and loop volume
* State-of-the-art „Active” MIDI Tracking – accurately track even the most unstable MIDI clock sources

On top of these major feature upgrades, Pigtronix has implemented numerous customer-requested workflow upgrades to realize the full power of this looping platform. It has truly been a group-mind effort with musicians from around the world contributing suggestions and options that cover a huge variety of looping techniques and musical styles. The pedal is currently used by a wide array of musicians including Ed O’Brien (Radiohead), Henrik Linder (Dirty Loops), Phil Keaggy, Greg Howe, and vocal looper Just Alliance.

The new Infinity website features an array of tutorial videos, featuring NYC loop-master Teddy Kumpel (Joe Jackson, Rickie Lee Jones), that walk users through all the pedal’s functions. An interactive manual allows visitors to contribute FAQ questions and add to the knowledge base. In addition, the artist section features inspiring looping videos by a wide range of musicians including Doug Wimbish (Living Colour),Eric Krasno (Lettuce, Soulive), Joseph Arthur, Michael League/Bob Lanzetti (Snarky Puppy), Dick Lövgren (Meshuggah), Julie Slick (Adrian Belew), Evan Marien, Yolanda Charles and others.

Infinity website:

Infinity Web Site


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