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Mooer ShimVerb Pro – guitar effect pedal review in TopGuitar magazine

TopGuitar is proud to inform, that the May issue of the magazine features a review of Mooer ShimVerb Pro guitar effect pedal. The product was delivered for review by Mooer distributor in Poland, Warwick Distribution.

Below are some excerpts from a review by gear department editor Maciek Warda:

“The dimensions of Mooer ShimVerb Pro equal to two small Mooer stompboxes connected with a short cable, so the unit holds twice as much surface in a pedalboard. This spatial expansion, however, is compensated with two effects being closed in one housing, offering very broad possibilities of shaping the tone and sound character.”

“The greatest surprise of the ShimVerb is the Shimmer mode, to which the unit owes its name. It creates a unique, slightly out-of-this-world modulation, but does not do it intrusively – quite the opposite, its sound is a little backed off but vibrant in a way not really known before.”

“After going through the ShimVerb circuit, the signal retains its dynamics and the reverb itself is very detailed. Every effect in this unit works in full stereo.”

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Mooer ShimVerb Pro


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