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Marshall DSL1 marked „Top Gear”

TopGuitar is proud to announce, that the DSL 1 electric guitar combo amplifier from Marshall had been reviewed for the April issue of the magazine and received a “Top Gear” editors’ award for that month.

Below are some excerpts from a successful review by gear department editor Maciek Warda, which may serve as reasons for the award:

“A 1-watt combo bringing you the tone of iconic guitar heads from the beginning of hi-gain metal era. (…) The DSL 1 name stands for Dual Super Lead series so renowned in the nineties with hard rock and metal music. Some call the JCM2000 DSL100 the most rocking amp of the decade.”

“All 50th Anniversary combos are made by hand with the highest craftsmanship. This is a sign of great values that still are tradition and the quality of Marshall products.”

“Small power makes it perfect for home recording purposes. (…) Every sound is selective and clear, and you can keep full control over the articulation, because even fully cranked, the amp is not oversteery nor overactive. Once again you get the trademark Marshall tone in a nutshell – a tone that will spice up every rock mix and cure it of sonic shallowness and banality.”


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