Kreuzberg’s bassist featured in TopBass in September

Kreuzberg is a young band created just a year ago in Poland. What are its band members like? TopBass gives you an opportunity to know them better through an interview with one of them – bass player Bartosz Szweda.

“Along with our Kreuzberg friends we created a project called DMT-A. The fuse of this enterprise was guitar player Grzegorz Palka who connected with singer Jurand Wojcik, drummer Ziemowit Rybarkiewicz and me. From the very beginning we set high goals for our activity. Back then we started cooperation with producer Jaroslaw Baran and Gorycki & Sznyterman producer company which secured us the possibility to record our material in the studio with concert producer Grzegorz Sznyterman” said Bartosz “Bartbass” Szweda. Kreuzberg’s musicians always try to remember that “the listener needs a clear and simple definition of a particular band to show interest in its music. From the beginning of our work in Kreuzberg we are ready to be compared to bands like Feel or Pectus. If only we reach a commercial success on the same level as theirs – we will be happy about such comparison.“.

Will their positive attitude help them succeed with their career in the music business? TopGuitar will be watching them closely and for now, go check out the interview with Bartosz Szweda in the September edidtion of TopBass – a special 100% bass part of the magazine.



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