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D’angelico Guitars Introduces All-New Excel Series Tour Collection

D’angelico Guitars Introduces the Excel Series Tour Collection — a new take on their most popular semi-hollow models, designed with the touring musician in mind.

The Tour Collection is defined by a minimalistic, vintage-inspired aesthetic, top-of-the-line components, and a simplified electronics configuration featuring new, custom pickups by Supro. Available in the collection is the 16-inch-wide double-cutaway DC, the 15-inch-wide single-cutaway SS, and a 14-inch-wide Mini DC. Each model comes in three finishes: Slate Blue, Solid Wine, and Solid Black.

Every detail of the Tour Collection was chosen to achieve retro minimalism. Small diamond fingerboard inlays match 1930s-style diamond f-holes, and an undersized Throwback Scroll-style headstock achieves excellent head to body balance. The collection also features satin nickel hardware and custom Vintage Deluxe Grover tuners with a 15:1 gear ratio. Each model also features a simplified two-knob electronics configuration with 50s-style wiring to retain top-end clarity upon rolling off the volume knob.

The neck shape in the Tour Collection is similar to the slim C-shape found throughout the D’Angelico line, but with more thickness in the shoulder to allow for snug hand fit as well as extra sustain. Medium Jumbo fret wire and a 12-inch fingerboard radius allow for quick navigation of the fingerboard while also prioritizing comfort for both rhythm and lead playing.

„I was really blown away by the feel and quality of the Excel DC from the Tour Collection. As a full-time touring musician, I can always rely on D’Angelico guitars to be super well-crafted and have a versatile sound.

In addition to the stability of the instrument, it also offers tones ranging from warm and clean, to more screaming overdriven tones when the humbuckers are pushed. Magic happens with certain guitars—this guitar is one of them.” – Artist Rock Choi featured in the Tour Collection launch video.


In 2020, Supro and D’Angelico became part of the same family of brands under Bond Audio. At that time, EVP of Product Ryan Kershaw and CTO Dave Koltai began designing custom pickups under the Supro name for the Tour Collection project.

“Supro Bolt Bucker pickups were designed to offer the tone of the most sought-after vintage „PAF” pickups from the late 1950’s. Scatter wound, just like the originals, Supro Bolt Buckers utilize 42-gauge enamel wire along with a mixture of Alnico II (neck) and Alnico V (bridge) magnets to provide the perfect balance of warmth and clarity with unrivaled articulation and note bloom.” – Dave Koltai, Chief Technology Officer at Bond Audio.



Bolt Buckers provide bold, vintage-inspired warmth and clarity, as well as remarkable touch-sensitivity. Played sweetly, the pickups offer blooming and full clean tones, but as you dig into them, they provide vivid, growling tones reminiscent of your favorite vintage rock guitar sounds.

“The Tour Collection was developed to offer players professional grade instruments without an excessive price tag. Stripped down, extremely well-executed semi-hollow guitars that are a joy to play and a vehicle for players to develop their own sound. We can’t wait to see them in your hands.” – Ryan Kershaw, Executive Vice President of Product at Bond Audio

All models are available for pre-order and will be in stock this holiday season. US MAP $1499


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