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Boss DA-2, MO-2 & TE-2 reviewed in TopGuitar magazine

TopGuitar is proud to inform, that the January issue of the magazine features a review of the DA-2, MO-2 and TE-2 guitar effects pedals from Boss. Below are some excerpts from a review by gear department editor Krzysztof Blas:

“New Boss effects are based on a proprietary DSP chip and use a newly developed technology of Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) which treats the sound in an unconventional way.”

“DA-2 perfectly reacts to dynamics and the volume pot on your guitar. Crunch settings are crystal clear and fully resemble the aggression of string attack. But the real revelation is the effect’s reaction to the pitch of notes played.”

“MO-2 is an effect for those looking for new inspirations. It will let you expand your tonal palette easily and efficiently, without the need of buying sophisticated guitar synthesizers.”

“TE-2 is an amazing spatial effect, totally different from anything you have ever heard. It is worth checking out by yourself, because no description can fully present its capabilities.”

Boss DA-2

Boss MO-2

Boss TE-2


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