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U-One guitar effects pedals review in TopGuitar magazine

TopGuitar is proud to inform, that the February issue of the magazine features a review of U-One U1-CHR, U1-FZ, U1-RVB, U1-ODR2 guitar effects pedals. The products were delivered for review by U-One distributor in Poland, Music Dealer.

Below are some excerpts from a review by gear department editor Krzysztof Blas:

“U1-CHR offers a natural and analog sounding chorus. It sounds good enough to be placed among much more expensive products from other manufacturers.”

“U1-FZ is one of the most versatile fuzz effects that I had the opportunity to test lately. You can set a light distortion or a huge wall of sound with frying aliquots and smashing sustain.”

“U1-RVB amazes with the number of tones closed in such a small box. Three-position switch lets you choose between three reverb types: room, plate and spring.”

“U1-ODR2 is a very succesfull construction and a very versatile overdrive that sits well in the mix.”

“U-One U1-CHR, U1-FZ, U1-RVB, U1-ODR2 are very decent effects that combine fair capabilities with good price.”

The latest issue of TopGuitar magazine is available across Poland in Empik and Ruch press retail networks, in the online store (, and as mobile version for tablets and smartphones using iOS ( or Android ( operating systems.



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