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Pro Asyl Campaign „Guitarists & Bassists against Racists”

We are tired of the apparently endless rabble-rousing against asylum seekers, foreigners in general, people with a different skin color, etc. So we say STOP! With the Pro Asyl Campaign „Guitarists & Bassists against Racists” we would like to wake up, but we also want to send a signal to all musicians, to actively support this campaign.
Please take a look at the website of Pro Asyl:

Framus & Warwick support Pro Asyl with their new T-shirt campaign. The complete profit of 2.00 EUR per T-shirt will be donated directly to Pro Asyl.

This high-quality T-shirt is Fairtrade-tested: . The T-shirt will be available from 1st September 2015 in two versions, in each case in a variety of sizes, each with 9.90 EUR, excl. shipping costs, in the area of „Lifestyle” directly from the Webshop

Guitarists against Racists  Lady sizes S, M. General sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Bassists against Racists  Lady sizes S, M. General sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Shipping costs:
Within Germany: 4.00 EUR.

Shipping costs outside Germany can be found at the Framus & Warwick Webshop in the Lifestyle area.
The dispatch of the T-shirts is carried out worldwide on 1th September 2015. You can order also from 1th September 2015.

Please support Pro Asyl with ordering one or more T-shirts. The complete profit in the amount of 2.00 EUR per T-shirt will be donated directly to Pro Asyl.

This action is directly supported by:
Druckhaus Leipzig
Gitarre & Bass 
Bassball Recordings
Framus & Warwick

The partners of this campaign are shown on the back of each T-shirt.

Please spread these info with friends, Facebook, Twitter … :
Please tell other musicians of this Pro Asyl campaign, please spread the campaign over the known social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, please purchase T-shirts, and put on these T-shirts demonstratively and conviction, so that more and more people will be informed about this campaign. You know: the complete profit of 2.00 EUR per T-shirt will be donated directly to Pro Asyl!

For more information, please visit Pro Asyl at and Framus & Warwick at

Guitarists Bassists against Racists


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