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Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Combo 12 awarded as “Top Gear”

TopGuitar is proud to announce that the Recto-Verb 25 Combo 12 electric guitar amplifier from Mesa Boogie had been reviewed for the August issue of the magazine and received a “Top Gear” editors’ award this month. The product was delivered for review by official Mesa distributor in Poland, Lauda Audio.

Below are some excerpts from a successful review by gear department editor Mikolaj Sluzewski, which may serve as reasons for the award:

“You might want to say that the Recto-Verb 25 is a bridge between the past and the present. But taking into consideration all those years of original Dual Rectifier’s presence in modern guitar music as well as the fact, that its new incorporation brings up also some older tones, it’s better to state that it is just a classic in modern skin. These modern features mean mostly the quality of materials and construction which all together contribute to a great tone and long lasting dependability.”

“Recto-Verb 25 is not only the same Dual Rectifier based preamp combined with two EL84 power amp that we already know from the compact Mini Rectifier, but closed in a combo package this time. To make this new product even more attractive, Mesa engineers threw in a truly analog spring reverb with an additional 12AX7 tube that sweetens its sound.”

“Once again Mesa presents us with a fully professional amplifier which can provide the tone for literally any musical style, may it be blues, rock, funk or jazz.”

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Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Combo 12


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