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Korg Miku Stomp guitar effects pedal reviewed by TopGuitar magazine

TopGuitar is proud to inform, that the November issue of the magazine features a review of Korg Miku Stomp guitar effects pedal. The product was delivered for review by Korg distributor in Poland, Mega Music.

Below are some excerpts from a review by gear department editor Krzysztof Blas:

“Much like guitar synthesizers, which trigger samples in response to string vibrations, Korg Miku Stomp does not process the sound of the guitar – it plays vowels or whole words, letting us “sing” by playing the guitar.”

“The effect reacts to legato and vibrato, modulating the voice or changing its pitch accordingly.”

“While other stompbox makers keep on wrestling in the same old jelly pool, Korg did something completely different. Maybe a little crazy – considering the sales of Miku Stomp in other countries than Japan – but definitely original and beyond any competition.”

The latest issue of TopGuitar magazine is available across Poland in Empik and Ruch press retail networks, in the online store (, and as mobile version for tablets and smartphones using iOS ( or Android ( operating systems.

Korg Miku Stomp


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