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Cort X700 Mutility – new X Series Electric Guitar

Cort Guitars amps up innovation with the new X700 Mutility, an electrical guitar that pushes the bounds of conventionality with its namesake “multi-utilitarian” design. Beyond the Fishman Fluence modern humbuckers, this latest addition to Cort’s X Series offers modern features sort of a roasted maple neck, multi-scale frets with Luminlay markers, and a newly improved body contour for added comfort. The X700 Mutility is certain to please the foremost discerning of guitarists with its sonic versatility and playability during a stylish package that sets a brand new standard for extreme guitars.

For years, Cort’s X Series has offered a sleek, ergonomic body profile that players of assorted genres find attractive. However, the aesthetic edge isn’t the only angle of what makes a guitar “extreme”—there has got to be substance under the hood by way of electronics. Cort delivers on the X700 Mutility with the first, reimagined Fishman Fluence humbucker set, which avoids the hum and noise that plague even the foremost coveted wire-wound pickups. Free from these frustrating inductance issues, the Fishman Fluence pickups reveal pure, uncorrupted, and musical tone. The controls are versatile yet simple, with an innovative push/pull function on both the amount and tone knobs, together with a 3-way pickup selector which will unleash the total potential of the humbuckers.

The X700 Mutility’s electronics enhance, instead of overshadow, the tonewood selection. the mixture of maple and ash top on a mahogany body ensures an excellent balance between warm, full-sounding lows and bright, transparent highs. For a more natural, organic aesthetic, Cort leaves some unpainted areas to reveal the attractive wood grain of the ash top. The X Series body contour has also been updated to supply a deeper belly cut and lower horn cut on the rear side, improving comfort and optimizing playability.

Cort’s attention to detail and multi-utilitarian approach are perhaps most evident on the X700 Mutility’s neck. The roasted maple neck and fingerboard are treated in an oxygen-free oven at a heat, which not only stabilizes the wood but helps develop a golden-brownish, vintage look and large, bold tone. To further improve playability, Cort has introduced a multi-scale length that conforms to a player’s hand movement up and down the neck, in order that wrists and fingers naturally follow the layout of the frets from the low to high register. On the X700 Mutility, the neutral fret starts at the zero fret. For visual assistance on a dark stage, the Luminlay dot position markers make it easy for players to determine the fretboard position.

To extra service the intense playability of the X700 Mutility, the jumbo stainless-steel frets resist corrosion and offer good response for chords and clear tone for single notes. Note articulation and intonation also are enhanced by the individual hardtail bridge unit, which offers superb string separation and sustain. The often-overlooked spoke nut Hotrod truss rod keeps everything smooth and precise. Players can utilize this adjustment feature to dial within the exact amount of neck bow looking on their preferred technique and playing style.

Whether the player is into fusion, prog, classic rock, metal, or a mixture of designs, the X700 Mutility could be a guitar that’s built to rock with exceptional versatility and crowd pleasing features.

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