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B.C. Rich Gunslinger Retro Burnt Orange reviewed in TopGuitar magazine

TopGuitar is proud to inform, that the November issue of the magazine features a review of the Gunslinger Retro Burnt Orange electric guitar from B.C. Rich. Below are some excerpts from a review by gear department editor Mikolaj Sluzewski:

“This guitar travels back in time to the eighties when heavy metal ruled the charts, clubs and concert halls. It is also the most straightforward take on a high-performance electric guitar, stripped of all unnecessary elements which could only disrupt its explicit message.”

“The key to understand the nature of this instrument is its simplicity and functionality but also its eye-catching look. There is little to this guitar that can be broken, so you don’t have to treat it with excessive care.”

“Gunslinger Retro will fit in a wide range of genres ranging from glam rock through hard rock and heavy metal, and even to thrash and death metal – it all depends in which tonal context you place it and how you choose to play it.”

B.C. Rich Gunslinger Retro Burnt Orange


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