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PRS SE DGT Signature Model Coming in January

PRS Guitars today released a video confirming the upcoming launch of the rumored PRS SE DGT model. The video, which promises to be the first of three, is a look behind-the-scenes of product development and describes the process of bringing a Maryland-made Core PRS model into the SE Series.

PRS SE DGT Signature Model (David Grissom Trem) is one of PRS’s most popular Core signature models but Grissom also played a fundamental role in the development of the original McCarty in the early 1990’s. No stranger to vintage instruments, Grissom’s understanding of guitar making, design, and specifications is vast, and he put every bit of that knowledge to work to bring his signature model to the SE Series, making this model’s development the perfect subject of such videos.

“When we first decided to bring the DGT to the SE Series, I knew it would be a complicated project involving a lot of people. At the same time, I knew how beloved that guitar is and that we had the team to pull it off,” said Jack Higginbotham, PRS Guitars COO. “I wanted these videos to showcase the process of product development in general and working with David in particular. We are excited to give the world a behind-the-scenes view of what we do.”

This first video details how the PRS team works with their partner manufacturer at PT Cort and with long-time PRS Artist David Grissom to bring an instrument to life. The second and third installments will premiere in the coming weeks and continue the journey from concept to completed guitar. PRS SE DGT Signature Model will be released this January with a full demo video from David Grissom himself. The guitars will begin shipping immediately with the launch.

“I didn’t just rubber stamp this. This guitar is something I have been very involved in and am really proud of. The SE Series is lightyears ahead of anything I could get my hands on when I started playing – it’s amazing how far the quality has come – and I am proud to be able to offer this guitar to more people,” said David Grissom.

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