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PRS Guitars Updates the Archon Amp

PRS Guitars has announced the return of their Archon amplifier. Guitarists may have noticed the model disappear from the lineup at the beginning of 2021. The new line-up features both a 50-watt 1×12 combo and a 50-watt head with matching 1×12 and 2×12 cabinets.

The PRS Archon could be a commanding two-channel amp with versatile lead and memorable clean channels. The lead channel’s gain controls are voiced to supply more kind of tones – from earlier/more traditional rock to the Archon’s signature searing metal. The clean channel has remarkable clarity and offers a good pedal platform because of its ample headroom. The PRS Archon is powered by two 6CA7 power tubes, which supply the most effective combination of EL34 and 6L6 tubes. they’re smooth up top with tight low end; they’re crunchy but articulate.

“Reissuing a historically successful amplifier always has a unique set of challenges. One must collect and filter through years of performance data and feedback, then work to legitimately enhance the amp without fixing anything that isn’t broke,” said Doug Sewell, PRS Amp Designer. “With that in mind, our goals with the Archon were clear: adjust the gain controls on the lead channel to allow for a wider array of rock tones, retain and enhance the stellar crystal-clear tones of the clean channel, and design it to provide maximum value. The process took some time and effort, but the Archon is everything we had hoped for and more.”

PRS Archon 2x12 Cab 2021. Image credit: PRS Guitaris
PRS Archon 2×12 Cab 2021. Image credit: PRS Guitaris
PRS Archon 50 Combo 2021. Image credit: PRS Guitaris
PRS Archon 50 Combo 2021. Image credit: PRS Guitaris
PRS Archon 50 Head. Image credit: PRS Guitaris
PRS Archon 50 Head. Image credit: PRS Guitaris

The layout of the amplifier is straightforward and intuitive, with lots of control. The preamp section features volume, bright switch, treble, middle, bass, and master for every channel yet as global presence and depth controls to push the tone 3D.

“The Archon gets a lot of attention for the very high gain on the lead channel. What people might not realize is that it has a great clean channel too. There are several country players using Archons,” said Paul Reed Smith. “Doug and the team did a great job of making sure the Archon not only kept its quality and versatility, but they made significant improvements. That’s not so easy.”

The new PRS Archon amplifier has recently made its thanks to some Artists, and therefore the amp has gained praise from Wes Hauch, Devin Townsend, Jason Richardson, Chris Cain, Ben Eller, and music producer Mark Lewis.



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