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Gibson Generation Group and JoyRx Music Jointly Provide Virtual Guitar Lessons for Children Facing Cancer

Gibson Gives and JoyRx Music® (formerly MyMusicRx) – the flagship project of the Children’s Cancer Association (CCA) – have joined forces for the second year in a row to bring the healing power of music to children facing cancer and other serious diseases. Starting September 1, talented young Gibson Generation Group musicians (aka Gibson G3) will provide virtual music guidance to the Children’s Cancer Society, which serves children by sharing guitar lessons and gives hospitalized children the opportunity to learn how play an instrument. Performance and guitar lessons will be released throughout the year, and the public can watch them 24/7, and they can be watched for free at

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. From September 1 to September 22, Gibson and JoyRx Music will release eight-time Grammy Award winner Ziggy Marley, Maná guitarist Sergio Vallin and blues rock singer, songwriter and guitarist Emily Wolfe’s performance.

Now watch and share the performance of Ziggy Marley’s new song „Music Is Everything”:


In the coming weeks, please watch Sergio Vallín and Emily Wolfe performing on Gibson Instagram HERE and JoyRx Music HERE.

To raise additional funds for JoyRx Music, fans will be able to win one of six Gibson, Epiphone and Kramerguitar, and each winner will also receive a one-year subscription to the new Gibson app for interactive guitar lessons. JoyRx Music guitar giveaways are donated by Gibson’s charities, including Gibson Gives, Epiphone Empowered and Kramer Kares. All proceeds will directly support JoyRxMusic’s mission, which is to help hospitalized children and adolescents across the country reduce their stress, anxiety and pain through a tailored experience with JoyRx Music’s well-trained employees. To participate in the JoyRx Music and Gibson Guitar Giveaways from September 1st to 22nd, please visit:

For more than 25 years, JoyRxMusic’s highly trained music experts have been attracting hospitalized children of all ages and diagnoses to perform music for them and their families. The most advanced music cart is equipped with high-quality musical instruments, and the tablet computer is equipped with music games and applications for children to play safely in the ward. The online extension provides children and teenagers with 24/7 free exclusive artist performances and music courses, as well as live and in-hospital concerts to complete the JoyRx music experience.

Danielle York, CEO of the Children’s Cancer Society, said:

“Happiness is often dormant in children with serious illnesses. “If we can ensure that children are immersed in the most difficult moments of their lives. In joy, we can help them positively influence their healing experience. Our vision is to allow children to use JoyRxMusic no matter where they are, whether they are in the hospital or not. We are very grateful to GibsonGives, GibsonG3 young artists, Ziggy Marley, SergioVallín and Emily Wolfe for supporting our project and helping us find new and exciting ways to connect young patients with the healing power of music virtually. ”

“Gibson Gives is very happy to work with our Gibson G3 artists to bring music education and therapy to children,” said Dendy Jarrett, executive director of Gibson Gives. „We provide a life skill, but also provide distractions to doctors, discomfort and pain. Music can be the best medicine! Helping JoyRx Music is a great help in fulfilling the mission of Gibson Gives.”

Watch the new JoyRx music trailer:

and enter the JoyRxMusic Gibson guitar giveaway here.


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