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Fender American Deluxe Dimension Bass IV awarded “Top Gear”

TopGuitar is proud to announce that the American Deluxe Dimension Bass IV electric bass guitar from Fender had been reviewed for the January issue of the magazine and received a “Top Gear” editors’ award this month.

Below are some excerpts from a successful review by gear department editor Maciek Warda, which may serve as reasons for the award:

“The Dimension Bass sounds like the newest and most modern instrument for slapping, advanced pick techniques and finger-played solos. It cooperates perfectly with all kinds of modulation effects and lets them sound with proper clarity, space and authority.”

“Perfectly balanced body in conjunction with a well-chosen strap lets you spend long hours with this bass. And the neck is pure poetry…”

“The neck has an asymmetrical C profile, which means that it is ergonomically profiled towards the highest frets and more flat in the lower positions. This is a feature characteristic of more expensive and custom instruments.”

“I haven’t played a bass that had such a sophisticated sound for a long time.”

Fender American Deluxe Dimension Bass IV


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