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DigiTech Luxe Detune – guitar effect pedal review with “Top Gear” award

TopGuitar is proud to inform, that the July issue of the magazine features a review of DigiTech Luxe Detune guitar effect pedal, which has been awarded with “Top Gear” editors’ award. The product was delivered for review by DigiTech distributor in Poland, Warwick Distribution.

Below are some excerpts from a review by gear department editor Maciek Warda, which may serve as reasons for the award:

“Another effect pedal from Harman discovers uncharted territories. Although you might think that there is nothing more sensible to be invented in terms of guitar effects, lately, DigiTech regularly treats us with devices that turn out to be pioneering and daring examples of floor-based tools for guitarists.”

“The latest DigiTech Luxe Detune is yet another – right after the DigiTech TRIO – intriguing and inspiring effect, with original aesthetics and most of all, unique tonal quality. Interestingly, the DigiTech Luxe Detune is one of those all-purpose devices, designed for electric, acoustic and bass guitars, and sounds great with each of these instruments.”

“Kudos to Harman engineers – I have never heard such modulation in a stompbox format before. When used with bass guitar, it blurs the notes in a way suitable for trance and trippy music. With electric and acoustic guitars, it works impeccably, letting you utilize all playing styles and techniques, and taking the player to a dreamy world of musical illusion.”

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DigiTech Luxe Detune


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