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Dean Vinnie Moore Signature reviewed in TopGuitar magazine

TopGuitar is proud to inform, that the November issue of the magazine features a review of the Vinnie Moore Signature electric guitar from Dean. The instrument was delivered for review by Dean distributor in Poland, FX Music Group.

Below are some excerpts from a review by gear department editor Mikolaj Sluzewski:

“Sometimes signature guitars recreate the tone of a particular guitar player, but can barely do anything else. Vinnie Moore Signature is not a one trick pony – it seems to be a much more versatile instrument.”

“You could assume that this guitar was created for high-gain sounds – which is correct, because Dean Vinnie Moore Signature handles the heavies of distortions with exceptional ease and finesse, while the addition of a double-action tremolo bridge makes it a real shred-machine. But as soon as you roll of the gain a little bit or even switch to the clean channel of your amp, you will discover a whole new universe of tones.”

“Dean Vinnie Moore Signature appears to be a thoroughly built instrument with looks and equipment that will satisfy all fans of the musician who lent his name to it. It is an amazingly versatile guitar that you can use to play eighties-style heavy metal, ever-popular progressive rock as well as some modern variations of jazz-fusion and electric blues-rock.”

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Dean Vinnie Moore Signature


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