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TopGuitar is proud to inform, that the April issue of the magazine features a review of DigiTech Mosaic guitar effect pedal. The product was delivered for review by DigiTech distributor in Poland, Warwick Distribution.

Below are some excerpts from a review by gear department editor Maciek Warda:

“To call DigiTech Mosaic a peculiar effect would be too little. It is as specialized as a twelve-string guitar in the catalog of an acoustic guitar manufacturer. What it does is it adds sounds an octave higher to your basic signal.”

“For many musicians, buying a twelve-string guitar to play just a couple of songs form their large repertoire can seem pointless. To the rescue comes DigiTech with an effect that is a lot cheaper and more practical.”

“The visual layout of the Mosaic brings to mind exquisite boutique effects made as custom orders. Time to forget about generic stompbox designs and get ready for an entirely new quality coming from DigiTech.”

The latest issue of TopGuitar magazine is available across Poland in Empik and Ruch press retail networks, in the online store (http://topguitar.pl/sklep/), and as mobile version for tablets and smartphones using iOS (http://topguitar.pl/ios/) or Android (http://topguitar.pl/android/) operating systems.

DigiTech Mosaic

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