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Godin Guitars Launched the Acoustic Solutions ASG-8 120 Amplifier

Godin Acoustic Solutions ASG-8 120, the newly redesigned acoustic amplifier was developed with the performing singer-songwriter and acoustic musician in mind.

It features 2 channels with XLR and ¼” inputs, independent gain and resonance controls, a sweet-sounding Reverb, moreover as other additional effects like Echo, Flange, and two varieties of Choruses.

What makes this amplifier really special is that it absolutely was designed to sound pristinely clean with a comparatively flat yet very natural response, which is good for various acoustic instruments, like steel or nylon-string, even violin, flute and more, likewise as for clear and dynamic vocals.

Godin Acoustic Solutions ASG-8 120, photo: Godin
Godin Acoustic Solutions ASG-8 120, photo: Godin

The ASG-8 120 also provides a convenient AUX input to play backing tracks from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, which may even be played through the amp’s Bluetooth connectivity.

The easy-to-use panel includes additional features, like a mute button to eliminate any popping jack noises while switching guitars, phantom power, footswitch jack, and a ‘Headphones Out’ for personal practicing sessions. The ASG-8 120 also has an XLR MIX D.I. dead set send the signal to the front of house in bigger venues and use the amp as a side fill or side monitor, direct box or as a private monitor with effects.

Godin Acoustic Solutions ASG-8 120, photo: Godin
Godin Acoustic Solutions ASG-8 120, photo: Godin

The ASG-8 120 is light and portable, but still packs plenty of punch and power with 120 Watts during a compact cabinet and includes an 8” Woofer and a 1” Tweeter.

The Acoustic Solutions ASG-8 120 is obtainable in a very natural wood finish still as black.



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