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Bobby Vega at Warwick BassCamp 2014

When it comes to a musician who is as sought after as Lee Sklar, it is surprising that he doesn’t have to deal with double bookings more often. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened in regards to this summer. We feel sorry to announce that Lee will not be able to teach at BassCamp this year – and for a legend like Lee Sklar, it is impossible to find a worthy replacement – there is none.

However, we have done our very best to win over another excellent world-renowned bassist! We are delighted to welcome the incredible Bobby Vega in the group of professors at BassCamp this year. In his long and successful career, Bobby has worked with Bo Diddley, Santana, Tower of Power, Sly and the Family Stone, Etta James, Kitaro, Joan Baez and many more. He is a true allrounder: His groove using the pick, playing with his fingers or slapping the bass is breathtaking.

At BassCamp, Bobby will be teaching a diverting and entertaining class, where he will highlight his signature techniques and their use in tune with a particular song or music genre.

We’re sorry Lee Sklar won’t be able to join us at BassCamp this year – but we’re happy Bobby Vega will be taking part!

Bobby Vega


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