Fender Telecaster Standard Satin awarded “Top Gear”

TopGuitar is proud to announce that the Telecaster Standard Satin electric guitar from Fender had been reviewed for the October issue of the magazine and received a “Top Gear” editors’ award this month.

Below are some excerpts from a successful review by gear department editor Krzysztof Blas, which may serve as reasons for the award:

“Telecaster Standard Satin is an instrument for all those wanting a telecaster but value a more modern look and an up-to-day comfortable neck geometry.”

“The tested Fender Telecaster Standard Satin is just a very successful tele with all the important features of its classic archetype. And what’s most significant – it is manufactured perfectly with a true Fender bloodline.”

“It’s a very good instrument, constructed and voiced to the highest standards.”

Fender Telecaster Standard Satin


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